RetailScan and RetailScanV2 are robust and proprietary software packages, developed and tested for over a decade and highly customisable to the specific needs of any client. 

Operational features:

  • Full control over the scanning process from a laptop to ensure that every bin and every product in the store or warehouse is  accounted for
  • Simple-to-use application on the scanner requires minimal staff training
  • Comprehensive merchandise, staff productivity and stockroom reporting is available on the laptop
  • Control over own and alien products
  • Stock take is checked for completeness and accuracy before being signed off and submitted to the client’s back-end system
  • Full audit logging available
  • Can be used to build up an asset register



Technical Features:

  • Can be interfaced to most POS or back office systems without any further software development
  • Main application runs on a standard Windows laptop
  • Scanner application runs on industry standard hand-held scanners
  • Operates in an offline environment – no expensive store network infrastructure required